Weather Vane 360 Degree Rotating Sign

850,00 1.250,00  +KDV

Weather Vane 360 Degree Rotating Sign is a complete package consisting of 58x58cm decoration for advertising image, wall fixing apparatus, flag pole and 4 dowels and screws. It is suitable for all exterior areas including wall, marble, concrete and composite coating areas.


Weather Vane 360 Degree Rotating Sign

With the new generation Wind Vane 360 Degree Rotating Sign, you can show your products on both sides and change your images easily. It is an indispensable product of shopping streets with its 360 degree rotation feature, effective message and up-to-date innovative feature. Weather Vane 360 Degree Rotating Sign will ensure that your outdoor advertisements are always up to date.

360 Degree Visible

Innovative advertising sign with double-sided printing and 360-degree rotation!

Easy montage

Easy assembly feature with mounting apparatus and ergonomic design

Effective Advertising

Low cost, high efficiency and attractive advertising.

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