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Types of Signboard
Totem Sign

It is a type of large signage used in open areas and intercity roads.

Vinyl Stretch Sign

It is an economical type of sign whose front surface is made of vinyl material.

Composite Signage

It is a long-lasting and stylish signboard made of aluminum panel.

Roof Sign

Usually buildings or A.V.M. are the types of signboards made on the roofs.

Channel Letters Signage

It is a type of signboard made of many different materials, with or without light.

Construction Sign

It is a type of signage used to provide information in construction and construction sites.

Pylon Signage

Generally produced for business entrances and integrates with the floor.

Warning Signs

It is a type of signboard produced with forex material for occupational health and safety.

Guidance Signs

It is the type of signage used to reduce complexity.

Flag Poles

Flagpoles with external and internal ropes made of galvanized and stainless steel

Neon Sign

It is a type of signboard produced using glass pipes that can be shaped by heating in fire.

Lightbox Board

It is one of the more practical, performance and suitable signage types.

Lantern Signage

It is a type of signage produced according to the viewing angles of the customers.

Door Sign

It is a type of signage that is usually designed in a decorative and informative way at office entrances.

LED signs

They are marquees in red, white, yellow and blue colors used in many fields.

Road Sign

It is a large-scale signage type used on the roadsides at city entrances.

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